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It starts at the top

Reducing waste doesn’t just save the environment and help lower operating costs, it sets a great example that stays with kids. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information that can help your district reduce, reuse, and recycle.

This year, we’re challenging everyone in Orange County to reduce their waste by 10% in 2010. Imagine the good that would be done if an entire school district took up the challenge!

The Law

California Education Code, sections 32370-32376, encourages each school district to establish and maintain a paper recycling program in all classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas owned or leased by the school district. These sections also encourage school districts to:

  • Purchase recycled paper.
  • Purchase the paper with the highest percentage of postconsumer waste.
  • Revise procurement specifications to give preference to the purchase of recycled paper.
  • Eliminate the purchase of paper and paper products that aren’t recyclable.

Get your school district to go green!

If your school isn’t green, help it take the simple steps today. By implementing a recycling program throughout your district, you’ll reduce the amount of mixed paper, food waste, and yard waste you must pay to dispose of, while empowering students to participate in waste reduction and to appreciate the value of our world’s natural resources.

Collaborative for High Performance Schools and Go Green Initiative

Orange County school districts that make the effort to build green and efficiently use resources can certify with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). CHPS has already certified several Orange County schools.

What is a High Performance School?

Good teachers and motivated students can overcome inadequate facilities and perform at a high level almost anywhere, but a well-designed facility can truly enhance performance and make education a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. According to CHPS, a high performance school is:

  • Healthy
  • Comfortable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Material Efficient
  • Easy to Maintain and Operate
  • Commissioned
  • Environmentally Responsive Site
  • A Building That Teaches
  • Safe and Secure
  • Community Resource
  • Stimulating Architecture
  • Adaptable to Changing Needs

Creating a school with these characteristics is not difficult, but it does require an integrated, “whole building” approach to the design process. Key systems and technologies must be considered together, from the beginning of the design process, and optimized based on their combined impact on the comfort and productivity of students and teachers. At the end of the process the entire facility will be optimized for long-term performance. The result will be a finished school that is an enduring asset to its community: one that enhances teaching and learning, reduces operating costs, and protects the environment.

Check to see what Orange County schools are already participating and how your school can get involved with CHPS.

Go Green Initiative

At least 11 schools in Orange County have participated in the Go Green Initiative. Schools represent a large sector of the waste producers in this country, and they are typically some of the larger institutions in every municipality. By taking this initiative, there will be an immediate impact on the school’s contribution to the local landfills. Also, you can challenge yourself to reduce waste by 10% in the 2010 calendar year and take the challenge.

Intended Results

  1. Teach children to be responsible caretakers of the planet.
  2. Heighten community awareness of and participation in environmentally responsible behavior.
  3. Create national interest in establishing standards and procedures for environmentally responsible practices.

Measuring Success

  1. Students possess and practice grade-appropriate knowledge and skills in environmental protection concepts.
  2. Environmental impact becomes a routine consideration for all activities.
  3. Programs and incentives are established to reward businesses, non-profit organizations, and individual citizens for environmentally responsible behavior.

Rebates, Discounts, Incentives, Grants

CalRecycle provides resources regarding funding for School Environmental Educational Programs and Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Programs.

Helpful Foundations/Organizations

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