Learn to Reduce Waste

From paper to lunch leftovers to bottles and cans, schools produce a lot of the waste that should not end up in Orange County’s landfills.

But when it comes to reducing waste, schools have another, even more important function: teaching kids good waste habits that they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Students, teachers, administrators – your entire school – should take on the 10% in 2010 Challenge. Together, we can do so much to help lighten the load on our landfills, and save room for tomorrow.

Recycling Locator

Many schools have recycling programs already in place. But here you’ll find where to recycle just about anything – from beverage containers to paper and more.

School Districts

Orange County provides resources for school districts interested in setting up or enhancing recycling programs, as well as joining waste reduction programs.

Teachers & Staff

As individuals, it’s time to do the right thing for the environment. But as educators, you’ve got a great chance to set an example for the kids in your school.


Parents have a big impact on school waste that kids bring in – especially at lunchtime. What’s more, kids can take good habits home and do a little teaching themselves.


Additional resources to reduce, reuse and recycle.