Multi-Family Property Managers

As a property manager, you’ve got the opportunity to lead your entire community to a greener lifestyle. And, of course, you’re the one who deals with tenants who aren’t quite getting it right.

Moving boxes or old furniture causing a problem at your bins? Are tenants contaminating the recycling with food waste? The information below is designed to make recycling and waste hauling easy at your property.

By following these guidelines, you can reduce the number of trash bin pick-ups by having recyclables placed in separate receptacles. This could result in real cost savings. And of course you’ll earn goodwill with your tenants and community by doing the right thing.

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A couple of key notes to consider when setting up a recycling bin and communicating with your tenants:


  • The trash area in the multi-family dwelling should have multiple dumpsters, depending on what your waste hauler offers.  If recycling containers are provided for the multi-family dwelling, the residents will become more environmentally conscious.


  • Educate residents about what is recyclable and what is not. Conduct a meeting, similar to an HOA meeting, and educate the community about recycling. Property managers should not only go over what is recyclable, but also teach the importance of recycling. Managers should also post signs (made from recycled content and recycled later) around the community about the new changes to the trash system so no one is left out. Encourage your residents to take the 10% in 2010 Challenge.
  • Tell tenants to visit the Recycling Locator on this site to learn where they can dispose of hazardous materials, including electronics and batteries, and cardboard boxes and old furniture.  Find the largest amount of waste in your bins and provide a solution for
  • Make sure you are also providing education about waste reduction and reuse.
  • After the recycling program begins, track your progress. Implement contests to keep everyone on track. If property managers gave out incentives to residents who come up with the best green plan, more residents will get involved and soon everyone would be contributing.
  • Make residents aware of recycling contributions and success stories that people have made. By showing progress, you are creating a positive community that wants to make their living space a better place.

Success Stories

Allen Properties has been honored as a Waste Free OC Recycling Champion for bringing  waste reduction efforts into their properties.  Allen Properties initiated a campaign to bring recycling bins to every property in their portfolio.  Their partnerships with waste companies such as Burttec, Waste Management and Athens Services allow their 7,000 residents to participate in the waste reduction effort.

Their efforts have cut the cost of trash disposal for ownership and have enabled thousands of families to participate in recycling.  Already, Allen Properties communities have diverted thousands of pounds of recycling away from Orange County landfills.

In addition to recycling, Allen Properties has replaced incandescent lighting with CFL and fluorescent energy efficient lighting, replaced old inefficient toilets with new resources, planted trees in local parks surrounding many of the properties in their portfolio and purchased Energy Star appliances.

Congratulations Allen Properties for becoming a Recycling Champion!  Keep up the good work!

Do you have a success story to tell?  Are you making strides to reduce waste at your properties?  Nominate your company as a Recycling Champion today.

Looking for more information? Visit or CalRecycle.