Reducing waste is good business

As a manager, you have more to worry about than the impact your business has on the landfill and environment.  But reducing your business’ waste will have tangible benefits for you as well.

Try our waste reduction and reuse tips, and join the challenge to reduce your waste by 10% in 2010. You’ll feel good about it, and you might discover new efficiencies and enhance your bottom line.

Recycling Locator

Learn what your business could be recycling and where to take it.

Waste Reduction at Work

Help save room for tomorrow in Orange County landfills by starting a waste reduction program at work. Let us show you how.

Business Hazardous Waste

Industrial items like paint, computers, batteries and electronics must be properly handled. Find out how to handle these items, regardless of your business size.

Construction & Demolition

If you’re a company involved in construction or demolition activities, or just remodeling, there are many opportunities to reduce and reuse. Your city may also have specific requirements for recycling construction and demolition debris.

Buying Green

While recycling is important, it’s just as important to utilize products that are reusable or made from recycled materials. We call that “closing the loop.”


Three landfills provide space for the safe disposal of waste in Orange County.


Additional resources to reduce, reuse and recycle.